Mitch Idol


The Lens You Look Through

We all have a unique perspective on life.  It's the great thing about being an individual.  We have our own set of lenses that allow us to see the world differently than others may.  And that perspective causes us to react differently in different situations.  Some people love the details in situations and others would rather look at the world in a more wide open view and take in the full picture and not worry about the details.

While in the local camera shop a few weeks ago I stumbled across a lens that offers a unique perspective for me.  An 85mm macro lens.  The "macro" gives the photographer the ability to focus on the extreme details of a subject.  It's almost as if you get to experience the subject on a whole new level and truly appreciate the extreme detail that makes up an amazing moment.  It's a blast!

There are a ton of great examples of macro photography that are simply mind-blowing (check out this post).  I can in no way compare to those images but would love to share a few of my favorite first shots!

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